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The irony is that Christian celebrities are humans; they grow and change. But when that happens in a Christian celebrity culture built around reifying our own ideas, Christians are quick to abandon their celebrities by the wayside. Rob Bell, named one of the Times 100 in 2011, was largely influential in Evangelical spaces when he founded and pastored Mars Hill Church, which by 2005 boasted around 11,000 on a weekly basis.

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On the pre facelift i20, Hyundai offered an automatic mated to the larger 1.4 litre motor the same one you get in the Verna. But now, with the new updated car, Hyundai has decided to get rid of the multiple petrol engine option and offer an automatic on the standard 1.2 litre engine. And instead of a regular torque convertor unit like on the older car, the new one now gets a CVT..

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