Guido Amsel and his wife owned a numbered company involved in

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There have been several other films that were banned, or severely edited, to keep them within the boundaries of the tolerance of the narrow minded nincompoops who have taken it upon themselves to bear flags for sundry religions and the elusive culture was slashed almost in half, because some us don believe lesbians exist. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo didn release in India because the censors guidelines would have required cuts. M F Husain had cases pending against him, and had been arrested multiple times, even in his nineties..

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Maybe I biased because I think that TLJ is the freshest thing Star Wars has done since the 80 and the opening couple of minutes of that film is more visually interesting than anything done in the prequels, to say nothing of the movie as a whole. I mean the shit on the Island was just gold through and through, and the whole force connection shit was great. If ol Georgie boy had directed that, Kylo or Rey would have been CGI force bag replica high quality ghosted about the place like a Harry Potter film, all the while delivering flat lines with no emotion..

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