In all three states, the results were set to leave the outgoing

Replica Designer Handbags It had hoped to beat left leaning Green governor Winfried Kretschmann in Baden Wuerttemberg, a traditional stronghold that the CDU ran for decades until 2011. It also hoped to oust Social Democrat governor Malu Dreyer from the governor office in Rhineland Palatinate.However, the CDU finished several percentage points behind the popular incumbents parties in both states and dropped 12 percentage points to a record low result in Baden Wuerttemberg, with 27 per cent support. Its performance in Rhineland Palatinate, with 31.8 per cent, was also a record low.The Social Democrats suffered large losses in both Baden Wuerttemberg and Saxony Anhalt, where they were the junior partners in the outgoing governments, finishing behind AfD.Other parties won share power with AfD, but its presence will complicate their coalition building efforts.In all three states, the results were set to leave the outgoing coalition governments without a majority forcing regional leaders into what could be time consuming negotiations with new, unusual partners. Replica Designer Handbags

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