Steve McCurry says what he witnessed Friday night reminded him

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Came across the term gay in a teen magazine in the late 90s. It was easy for me to associate with the description: Male attracted sexually towards other men. Simple. I had a car crash, my back was injured and I had back cirurgy. I have scars, I tried for months to get on my feet again, I gained 15 pounds because I laid in bed for such a long time. Had to quit my job, and then tried getting back to uni to finish my engineer degree.

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Either way, this is absolutely unsustainable. What going to happen, we all pay $5 in a few years just to use a broken subway system? I myself am getting tired of it and no longer want to waste my time on subway platforms/cars. At least if you stuck in traffic in a car, you in your own space with no one smushed against you.

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Granted, this guy can’t do the single rum and coke due to his meds, but if he gets just coke in a glass it could look like a rum and hermes replica bracelet coke. I’d be tempted to quietly tell the bartender what’s up and to charge for the alcoholic version if it meant the boss would get off his back. That sets you up for future failure should anyone figure it out, overhear, take a sip of your drink, anything really.

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