American also announced the loss of 53 000 jobs worldwide in

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I working on a project right now installing rails for shipping container gantry cranes. The rail has to be set to an tolerance of +/ 1mm, if the rail is off by more than 6mm anywhere, the crane could potentially derail. Very painful and slow, lots of checking and rechecking on our surveyors part..

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Helicopters fly because we found an exploit in Real Life physics engine and you gotta coax them shits off the ground. They are harder to fly, far more temperamental and more shit can go wrong. More likely, when shit goes wrong, you fucked. A joint FBI local police task force secretly attached a tracking device to the car of suspected drug kingpin Antoine Jones. The GPS pinpointed the car’s location every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, for nearly a month, and ultimately it led to Jones’ arrest and the seizure of 97 kilos of cocaine and $850,000 at a stash house evidence used to convict him. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia set the conviction aside because police had failed to obtain a warrant before putting the device on the car.

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