If he wasn’t sprinting to some new potential site for mischief

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KnockOff Handbags «Definitely a sign that the Turkish government wants to pick up and keep going and tell people to continue to come here.»There are conflicting reports about how exactly the attack played out, Leila reports, but Turkey’s prime minister says the three suicide bombers opened fire before setting off bombs.There were reportedly two bombs inside the arrivals hall, and one in the parking lot of the airport, Leila says.Judy Favish, who is from South Africa and had a two day layover in Istanbul, was at the airport when the attacks began. She spoke to Morning Edition about what she saw or rather, in the first moments, what she heard.After the sounds of gunfire and a «very big bang,» Favish says, «all I could think of was to run and hide.»»Walking out of the building, it was just horrible, because there was blood everywhere,» she says. «But I am very lucky.He has now been released, Dina says.NPR’s Peter Kenyon, who is based in Istanbul but is currently in London, says the Ataturk international airport has strict security protocols measures that are significantly more stringent than those at the Brussels airport that was attacked in March.»Ataturk airport [has] two layers of security unlike Brussels, they have a screening and check passengers at the terminal entrance before you get in, and then after you check in there’s another one before you get to the gates. KnockOff Handbags

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