The company hopes to double the official resource this year

cheap jordans shoes Was the right vehicle for us to go with, and the right partners, said Hastings Chairman David Nolan in an interview with Reuters on the sidelines of the PDAC prospectors and developers conference.The combined company, which will use the ticker symbol and operate under the Hastings name, will focus on developing the Hastings rare earth project in Western Australia and will have a market capitalization of A$23.4 million ($23.1 million), said Nolan.The Hastings project has a historical resource of 22 million tonnes, and contains tantallum, niobium and rare earths Cheap jordans cheap Jordan Shoes, among other metals. The company hopes to double the official resource this year through new drilling.Rare earths are gaining investor favor as concern over supply mounts because of Chinese export cuts. China is the world top producer of the the 17 rare earth metals, used in everything from smartphones to electric cars.Rare earths, while not particularly rare, are difficult to find in economically viable deposits.Nolan said that the Hasting deposit has a high percentage of dysprosium, a rare earth in high demand for use in electric vehicles, but he added that only two drill holes so far have been tested for rare earths.The company, which has A$6 million in the bank, will spend the next few months defining the rare earth deposit. cheap jordans shoes

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