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With New Year Eve around the corner, you probably packed your party clothes, jewelry and all your gadgets chargers. Thanks to the escalating domestic air fares this year, a lot of Indians have opted to celebrate this New Year Eve party overseas. Certainly in all the excitement, travel insurance just isn on your priority list!But let me ask you a couple of questions: What happens to your bookings if the departure flight doesn take off? If your return flight is cancelled and you left stranded at the airport, will your airline refund you the money or make some alternative arrangements? Will you have enough cash to pay for hotel accommodation and food bills for the extra days? If any of these questions are bothering you then that is as good a reason for you to buy a travel insurance policy quickly.WHY IS OVERSEAS TRAVEL INSURANCE IMPORTANT?1.

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moncler mens jackets LONDON A day after British voters defied widespread warnings of economic and political peril should they cut ties with the European Union, the country reckoned with the consequences as markets tanked across the globe, the prime minister said he would resign and the United Kingdom felt the renewed pressure of a breakup. Could mark one of the moncler sale online key turning points in modern British history, fundamentally reorienting the country’s place in the world. Voters celebrating «a glorious opportunity» and shattered Euro philes warning of cataclysms to come.. moncler mens jackets

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