They call for the two subreddits to reunite

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Replica Bags Wholesale For those who dont know what has happened, I have taken it upon myself to spread word of the War of Memes:The Meme Wars have begun. While some r/MemeEconomy analysts warned of deteriorating relations between the meme subs of Reddit, most did not believe in its inevitability.For those who don know here how the story replica designer bags goes (minor inaccuracies ahead):r/prequelmemes and r/lotrmemes formed an alliance to take on r/sequelmemes, (Star Wars prequel fans being «unfond» of sequel memers)user u/Kobra1997, an ambassador of r/prequelmemes turned out to be a secret agent of r/sequelmemes and therefore infiltrated both r/prequelmemes and r/lotrmemes by making a much viewed meme that trashed upon star wars,This caused r/prequelmemes to believe that r/lotrmemes had betrayed them, as well as the fact that some r/lotrmemesmods had also been insulting the Star Wars communities and began a vote in the subreddit whether or not to declare war upon r/lotrmemes their former allies, out of around 1938 votes 1825 memers voted to break the alliance and declare war upon r/lotrmemes, the r/prequelmemes senate voted to declare war on former alliance member r/lotrmemes,r/lotrmemes users and a minority of memers of r/prequelmemes discover that user u/Kobra1997 orchestrated the whole thing, and buy replica bags online destroyed their alliance. They call for the two subreddits to reunite, however at this point its too late as most of r/prequelmemes has insulted r/lotrmemes and vice versa, the war has already begun. Replica Bags Wholesale

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