And they show Petrino and Dorrell claimed to have ended the

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canada goose uk shop Trigger warning for EVOLUTION at children science centerThis is absolutelyunbelievable.When I got this picture from a twt by Adam Rogers via Emily Ladawalla and then Matthew Cobb, I wasn sure where it was from, but figured it had to be from my benighted country. Where else would a science organization give an warning a presentation? And, indeed, it American, to our eternally continuing shame.The clue was the words Odyssey at the bottom of the poster, which tells that it from an eponymous organizationthat runsa center for children science education at Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo, California. Curi Odyssey mission statement is below:As a science and wildlife center, CuriOdyssey helps children acquire the tools to deeply understand the changing world.Children are natural scientists canada goose uk shop.