Compared to a typical bronze PSU is going to run about 70

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buy canada goose jacket cheap If you add in that a cheap PSU is likely more in the range of 70 60% efficient at 10%, and will likely last about canada goose outlet store toronto 4 years or so the real cost of the cheap PSU is much higher (especially when it takes out something when it dies). Compared to a typical bronze PSU is going to run about 70 bucks for 650watts. So yes, canada goose outlet woodbury you are paying more, for fully modular, for a full 10 year warranty, but the total lifetime cost isn crazy.Dark_Crystal 1 point submitted 2 years agoSorry but your «regular joe consumers» don buy gold efficiency PSUs except as an accident or as part of another purchase set (if they happen to come as a bundle or with a high end case). buy canada goose jacket cheap

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