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moncler outlet sale Police say that their enquiries have come to cheap moncler jackets mens an endGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe Observer reported last month that officers were investigating complaints about the flag, which was understood to cheap moncler jackets womens have been held aloft by an individual taking part in a Stirling Protestant Boys parade on Saturday, June 16.However, it was confirmed this week that their enquiries had now concluded and they would not be taking the matter moncler sale outlet any further.Councillor for Bannockburn Alasdair MacPherson said moncler outlet prices he was contacted by a number of constituents angry at the sight of the flag being carried through city streets.He claims he was told officers had actually approved the flag ahead of the march but when the Observer asked if this was the case police said they were unable to confirm that.Councillor MacPherson said: «I received a number moncler outlet of complaints from constituents who took offence to the flying of this flag in Stirling. I have been reliably informed that Police Scotland actually inspected and sanctioned it in advance of the parade, which truly beggars belief.»The UVF is a proscribed terrorist organisation who were responsible for over 500 of the most gruesome, sectarian motivated murders during the troubles in Northern Ireland, so I would really like to know how Police Scotland came to this uk moncler outlet bewildering decision.»A spokesperson for Police Scotland said this week: «Police in Forth Valley were made aware of concerns regarding a flag being carried during a march in Stirling on Saturday, June 16.»Enquiries have now concluded and no further police action is required in relation to this matter.»The Observer reported previously that, in the aftermath of the flag being carried through the city, a debate took place on social media over what it represented.A number of people claimed it was a symbol of the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) group, formed in 1966, who undertook an armed campaign throughout the troubles in Northern Ireland.This group is classified in the UK as a terrorist organisation, and they were responsible for more than 500 deaths.However, others said that the flag represents the original UVF movement founded in 1912 to fight against home rule. Many of their men joined the 36th (Ulster) Division cheap moncler sale of the British Army and fought on the Western Front during the First World War.The name and symbols of the original organisation would moncler womens jackets later be adopted by the unionist paramilitary group, but there are no moncler outlet sale direct organisational links between the two.And a spokesperson for the Stirling Protestant Boys said the moncler usa flag was being carried by a visiting band who commemorate the Battle of the Somme through period dress and music.The Stirling parade was organised to mark the 15th anniversary of the Stirling Protestant Boys. moncler outlet sale

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