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canada goose coats Just don’t force the rest of us to join in.Giberson clearly views atheists’ position on religion as the product of ignorance.»Atheists, however, speak with great confidence about the evils of a religion that they seem to have encountered only in headlines a terrorist incident here, an assault on evolution there, a new survey connecting religiosity to young earth creationism, and so on. Religion as practiced by ordinary people is nothing like these headlines.»He seems particularly annoyed with atheists’ portrayal of the religious:»What I am not OK with, however, are the mean spirited caricatures produced by people who have virtually no real experience with religious people, beyond reading about them in headlines. I don recognize these religious people.»I guess Uncle Karl has never been to Cranston.For Giberson, atheist’s lack of knowledge about religion can, however, be easily rectified through means of directly introducing them to church life.»Atheists should go to church and do some research if they want to keep talking about religion.»So we need to hush up about religion unless we go to church? But which church, Karl? There are just so many from which to choose!»I would like to invite atheists to join me at St canada goose coats.